Omm vs Word

I am typing this blogpost in Omm, a new and very stylish text processor for people ‘who want to be alone with their thoughts’, an icy landscape and two bare trees. The landscape is fullscreen, so no distraction by a low battery or a new email.


Also, your typing is accompanied by relaxing sounds (sound of the sea, birds) and music and sounds for every hit on your keyboard (crackling ice, for example).

I found all this pretty amazing and couldn’t help sighing loudly. But when showing it to all my friends afterwards I realized we’re not only caught by Googlization but also by a very severe (Microsoft) Wordization.

“Where is the spellings check?”, “I can’t change the font size and style properly!” and “How will other computers be able to open my document?” where only some of the critique I heard. Although the spelling, style and font matters will be improved by the time (it’s still a beta version), the latter is a serious one, since Word doesn’t allow you to open a .txt file written in Omm.

It seems we are stuck in a ‘Word frame’ where different text processors are not being accepted. Only if Omm would adapt its format into a more Wordish style, people would consider using it. I’m afraid it is more likely Microsoft adapting its text-processor by adding the pleasant sounds, music and backgrounds. And that would be a shame, because Omm is for free… :)

You should try:


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