New blog = No more updates.

As from 1 November 2010 I will be blogging at; a blog about new media, politics and activism maintained by lovely friend and new media expert Fei An (china) and me (cheese).

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Internet, Policy and Politics Conference in Oxford

Last week I attended a conference on Internet, Policy and Politics at the OII in Oxford. I was invited to present my paper based on my MA research conducted in Brazil, which I finished a couple of weeks ago.

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Marie Ellen Sluis


  • Publicidade e Propaganda – Publicity and Propaganda, UniAsselvi, Indaial, SC – Brazil
  • CIW – Communication and Information Sciences, University of Utrecht, Utrecht – The Netherlands
  • New Media, UvA, Amsterdam – The Netherlands


  • Web editor, VARA, Hilversum – The Netherlands
  • Web designer, Martin Luz Comunicação, São Paulo, SP – Brazil
  • Online communication and PR, Projeto Alavanca Brasil, São Paulo, SP – Brazil
  • Volunteer E-campaigning, Oxfam Novib, The Hague – The Netherlands